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Pre-ICO Launch

STXBlockchain is poised to solve the costly and inefficient public markets model while providing smaller businesses with access to liquidity, all while disrupting the $65+ trillion worldwide stock market industry. In addition, by providing businesses with an exchange for liquidity long before these companies would qualify for an IPO, the working-class small investor gains access to these businesses very early, much like the current models of venture capital and equity players, and gets to take advantage of the early growth of the businesses. STXBlockchain accomplishes this objective with our peer-to-peer blockchain web-based trading system that is localized, secure, and decentralized. This system allows businesses, customers, and investors to transact directly — without the need for third-party bankers, or clearinghouses — via tokens or coins which will be purchased, sold, or exchanged for another cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, ether, or fiat currencies. Until now, this was only possible in a futuristic Hollywood movie, but with the emerging technology that is disrupting the currency world, led by bitcoin’s cryptocurrency with its underlying utilization of blockchain technology, it’s become a reality.

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