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Connecting Local Businesses & Community Investors

At STXBlockchain, we intend to build the world’s most efficient peer-to-peer blockchain web portal connecting  small businesses with local community investors for the sake of financing local community businesses, enriching local communities while creating wealth for everyday working people. Our platform brings together two critical components of all communities: commercial businesses needing funding and local community members looking for opportunities to invest. Through the connection of these two important sectors, local communities will benefit from the exposure of small businesses to potential backers. When businesses get funded and supported by their local community, businesses prosper and local communities grow as additional employees are hired and the vitality of the community increases.’s objective is to build a collaborative economy by leveraging blockchain technology on a peer-to-peer network encompassing an infrastructure built with the latest technologies (smart contracts, mobile wallets, public and private key cryptography) and enabling trading and financing via cryptocurrencies. We anticipate an open network whereby third parties will form and partake in rating, reviewing, and conducting due diligence on the campaigns within our blockchain portal, by default creating a self-regulatory body within the STXBlockchain web portal, which will complete the STXBlockchain ecosystem.

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Blockchain Beta Launch


ICO Launch


1st Campaign Launch

Q4 2018

Sneak Speak - coming soon

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To launch a your campaign for your business, contact our team and let’s discuss your offering.Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved in taking your business into the ICO maarkets.

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